Honest Practice is a series of videos where Matt explains things he is currently practicing in his own drumming. Some videos talk about the technical side of drumming and some talk about broader concepts. 


Honest Practice 010.2

Honest Practice 010.1

Honest Practice 009

In this video I talk about some ideas related to switching over to the other side and trying to feel more, think less!

Honest Practice 008

Tony Williams one-handed 5 stroke roll technique and exercises.

Honest Practice 007

In this video I discuss the concepts of intention, awareness and presence and how to apply those concepts to something you are practicing.

Honest Practice 006

In this video I talk about three concepts that apply to all styles of drumming and all levels of drummer.

Honest Practice 005

All of life is a practice. This video goes in a bit of a different direction.

Honest Practice 004

Working with a linear pattern based on the phrasing of 7+5. The main sticking pattern is as follows: RLRLRKK RLRKK and RLRLRKK RLRKL

Honest Practice 003

Working on groups of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 in a triplet feel between the kick and snare

Honest Practice 002

After a week with this groove concept it is coming along and I have started working on creating grooves and improvising within the framework.

Honest Practice 001

The first in a series I am calling “Honest Practice” no edits, no mics, just an iPhone camera and me at the drums. Hopefully these videos give you some ideas and inspiration for your own practice, especially when dealing with tough new ideas.