Expanding on the concepts explained in the Beginner Series this series introduces 16th notes in the bass drum as well as concepts in creating your own drum grooves and starting to understand the language of drumming.

Part 1 "16 Note Independence For Bass Drum"

Learn the sixteen 16th note independence “letters” in the bass drum underneath “The Skeleton Beat”

Part 2 "Creating 16th Note Grooves"

Use the 16th note bass drum independence to create great sounding drum grooves on your own.

Part 3 "16th Notes With Snare Drum"

How to create grooves that add 16th notes on the E’s and A’s with the snare drum.

Part 4 "Cymbal Variations 1"

A look into quarter notes, up beat 8th notes, one-handed 16ths and two-handed 16th notes applied to 16th note grooves.

Part 5 "Cymbal Variations 2"

Further exploration of cymbal variations.

Part 6 "Intro To Ghost Notes"

Ghost notes add great dynamic and forward motion to any groove.