Musician | Educator | Performer

Since graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2009 Matt has gained a reputation as a knowledgable, diverse and exciting music educator. Specializing in private & group lessons, drum circle facilitation, and band coaching Matt has the ability to help you realize your full musical potential.

Education Services

Private Lessons

Study one-on-one with Matt and learn the art of drumming.


Drum Circles

Empowering & inspiring individuals to express themselves authentically through group music making. 

State College Rock Camp

Learn to work together as a team to create music. Perform live in concert. Record in the studio. Write your own music. 

Online Lessons

Beginner Series

A great place for anyone who is just getting started. This series will take you through the basics that can be used in many different styles including.

Intermediate Series

Expanding on the concepts explained in the Beginner Series this series introduces 16th notes in the bass drum as well as concepts in creating your own drum grooves and starting to understand the language of drumming.

Drum Fills

This series explains basic 16th note drum fills as they are applied musically to drum grooves.

Songs & Such

Each lesson in this series discusses grooves, licks and fills from a variety of songs and styles. 

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